Zeulenroda Dam

Zeulenroda Dam

Country: Germany
Customer: Zeulenroda Dam
Products: 1 x MAW Plunger Valve DN 1200

Before it was serviced by VAG, the plunger valve installed in the Zeulenroda Dam had already been repaired by several service workshops. Despite these repairs, the valve kept operating sluggishly after two to three years.

When the valve could only be opened 40%, the Thuringian long-distance water supply authority decided to place the valve in the hands of the VAG service team.

VAG completely disassembled the valve and prepared a damage report as well as a rehabilitation concept.

As spare parts could no longer be obtained from the manufacturer, all spare parts were measured by the VAG service team and were produced based on a pattern. The shaft bearing was equipped with new bushes and for the sealing of the plunger, a quadring with customised dimensions was made. Additionally, the bolted guide skids were replaced by welded guide skids.

After the valve was measured and tested it was installed and put into operation again by VAG service technicians. Since then it has been operating trouble-free.

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