Trusetal water supplies

Trusetal water supplies

Country: Germany
Customer: GEWAS
Products: 14 x VAG CEREX® 300-L Butterfly Valves DN 80-150, 3 x VAG EKO®plus Gate Valves DN 50, 3 x VAG DUOJET® Automatic Air Valves, 3 x VAG PICO® Control Valves

Water supplier GEWAS, located in Schmalkalden (in the southwest of Thuringia, Germany) supplies water to an area covering around 380 km² right in the middle of the high-altitude areas of the Thuringian Forest. The region‘s supply of drinking water is made up of spring water and deep well water, and of water supplied from a long distance.

Planning for the construction of the plant began around 1 1/2  years before it was put into operation, with cooperation with the engineering firm PROWA being a deciding factor in adapting the technology to the specified size of the construction – which constituted the focus of planning. Compromises needed to be made since the installation directives for valves always had to be complied with. VAG assumed responsibility for carrying out all the valve design calculations according to the operator‘s instructions. The scope of delivery initially included 14 VAG CEREX® 300-L Butterfly Valves (DN 80-150, PN 16), 3 VAG EKO®plus Gate Valves DN 50 PN 16, 3 VAG DUOJET® Automatic Air Valves DN 50 and 3 VAG PICO® Pilot-Operated Control Valves DN 50 + 100 (2 pressure-reducing valve types and 1 pressure sustaining valve version as a safety valve). Retro-fittings were carried out on the bypass at a later date – VAG subsequently delivered another PICO® Control Valve, a CEREX® Butterfly Valve and an extension piece.

This ultimately made it possible to supply two different pressure zones in the area of operation. At the same time, a pump system supplies the „Wolfskuppe“ elevated tank. In the event of pump failure, the water reservoir can also be supplied rearwards. VAG supported the operator throughout the entire project, from the planning and tendering phase through to putting the system into operation. The „Trusetal Water Supply“ service package, i.e. the construction of the Wolfskuppe new pressure sustaining shaft and the connecting pipelines made a positive impression throughout.

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