Municipality Adelsdorf modernises waterworks

Municipality Adelsdorf modernises waterworks

Country: Germany
Customer: Municipality Adelsdorf in Bavaria, Germany
Products: VAG CEREX® Butterfly Valves

Forty seven VAG CEREX® 300 Butterfly Valves and 100 per cent own effort put into automation of waterworks. Adelsdorf municipality is in the Erlangen-Hochstadt district. It has 7,235 inhabitants and an exceptionally dynamic team of people at its Road and Park Maintenance, Waterworks, and Sewage Treatment divisions.

In two construction stages, the team installed 47 valves with assembled pneumatic actuators as part of a business optimisation measure. They also installed the compressed air system tog. The mayor, Armin Goß, never doubted that supplying drinking water and the environmentally friendly disposal of wastewater were two of the municipality's most important tasks. He allocated some € 9 million from the municipality's tight budget for additional wells and the expansion of the grid.

VAG CEREX® 300 Butterfly valves with Festo pneumatic cylinders

His successor, Karsten Fischkal, has been in office since 2008, and he too, knows he can count on his team: The team, which was created from the Road and Park Maintenance, Waterworks, and Sewage Treatment divisions, is modernising the waterworks within the framework of a business optimisation measure. The team unites so much expertise, planning reliability and skills that very little third-party assistance was needed to dismantle the water supply in the Uttstadt district.

In two construction stages, the manually operated Wafer-type Butterfly valves were successfully replaced with VAG CEREX® 300 Butterfly valves with Festo pneumatic cylinders. The team was so confident in its own skills that it didn't even involve an engineering firm or a plant manufacturer. They also didn't see the necessity for a public tender. The manufacturer made its choice based on the excellent experience with VAG's valves and a fair quotation: Harald Mader, VAG's sales representative, was involved early on in the planning and design. He and Hans-Jürgen Neunzig of Festo were able to help with the dimensioning of the components.

Everything from the valve, actuator, and control technology through to the switch cabinet and all of the pneumatic accessories, were designed together with VAG and Festo. Festo also helped design and determine how much compressed air had to be generated. All of the work, from laying the compressed air piping, fitting the pipes in the new switch cabinet through to installing the valves, was carried out by the municipal workers. The only support was provided by an SPS programmer, who helped the Adelsdorf team set up the control technology.

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  • Municipality Adelsdorf in Bavaria, Germany modernises waterworks

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